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Chapter 6: Stop or Go

Disclaimer: This story may be considered offense to some, read with caution, these things stated only represent my previous personal opinions or thoughts on certain matters of the past.

Italic text sentences are thoughts.
Both bold and italic text represents letters, signs, important thoughts or/and similar things of that matter.
Dear Boy; They will always claim you are so deep, probably because they are empty. Claiming you are always too serious, probably because they are too laid back. Be not shameful my Dear Boy, nothing they offer is worth any mishaps or time you could have put to useful intent.

He was long far the ways from the rest area. He had stopped on the side
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Dull colors, bright yet dark color of blood, that content look on Jing's face. The detail on this piece, I really like how everything i...

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 Hello, I'm contacting you all here today to tell you I won't/might not be on for a LONG ass time because :icontheraginlion: and I are preparing to move. Finally the plans are set in motion, the building of our father's house will finally get moving, really.

So....we might not see you guys in about a whole year or so...might even be more(mainly b'cus Internet is not gonna be gotten instantly as soon as we get down their). But you can bet your ass we will return.

All my stories will be on hold, but I might still be working on them if I can get a new laptop, but you won't get an update chapter in a long ass time.

So, see ya soon then...


Dead?No... Done? Noo... Stable? Like a house of glass. Not even using my phone, shit; this is unsafe wifi. Will send pics one day... Tobi's art has gotten more amazing... Working hard... Be back one day...

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Chapter 7: Don't Let Me Down

Disclaimer: This story may be considered offense to some, read with caution, these things stated only represent my previous personal opinions or thoughts on certain matters of the past.

Italic text sentences are thoughts.

Both bold and italic text represents letters, signs, important thoughts or/and similar things of that matter.

Dear Boy;  Dear Boy; Reliance is an important element in life. We rely on insurance, backups, PEOPLE. You see, all humans are alone, that is their destiny. But this does not stop dealings. When you are married, you are still alone, death; alone. Only you and you alone can be reliable for your own short comings. One of the worst things is having someone rely on you, and letting them down. Whether it be a failure to anticipate or to keep a steady head on your shoulders is what forces the down look of your peers.  But  Dear Boy, I am relying on you, don't let me down.

SueEllen stood there in the pitch of darkness. Beneath her feet looked like a void of blackness. Almost like nothing was there. She felt uneasy about it, almost as if she honestly believed it, she'd fall right through. The brightness of her red coat was the only thing on her body not covered in darkness, that and her hair. She couldn't see her hands or the rest of her legs, the only way she was able to tell they were still still there was the fact she could feel them. Her bags followed same.

The only lights were two glimmering balls extremely far away in the distance to the right of her. The owner of the lights appeared big in stature.

"An awfully big ol' rig aw somethin'?" SueEllen whispered to herself as if there were people around who might hear her.

SueEllen had steadily hoped that this wasn't another passer. And considering her luck lately, nobody in their right mind would still be even trying to hitchhike. But the lass was an optimistic one.

Anyone that drove right pass her?

Hey, they probably have somewhere important to be!

Hope they get there safely.

Hey, maybe they didn't even see her...even if her coat was a very loud bright red.

That's the type of person she is.

I mean…

Nobody would be cruel enough to leave a lady all alone on the side of a dark highway, right?

Nothing bad will happen...right?

Of course not!





SueEllen let her head hang a little. She turned her head to her left; no cars.

When turning her head back unto the right, she notice two extra headlights, she squinted to get a better look.

It was closer than the truck, that's for sure. However, common sense told her It was definitely smaller in size compared to the truck way behind it. Though she really didn't have a clue where it couldv'e came from.

Behind that there truck maybe? But, ay only done turned my head for ayy minute, could he have cut in front that there fast ayn' still manage ta gain?


Was that crazy suckuurr drivin' without his lights?

She felt the weight of her bags and now honestly didn't care where the magical car came from. She NEEDED to get off her feet. NOW!

You see…Sue was a tough cookie.

She's dislocated more bones than you can count. Though she did indeed jump of f those tress and cliffs, mind you.

Has drowned at least 16 times. Though she had indeed been revived, mind you.

And has eaten stuff that would put a bull in a coma from indigestion. Though she was indeed dared to, mind you.

She's dealt with a lot of difficult shit..most of it was indeed purposeful.

But purposeful or not was besides the point.

The point was…

Even she has a limit. (See told you I knew where this was going)

SueEllen waited patiently for the lights to arrive. She wanted to sit on her suitcase, but she was afraid she wouldn't be able to get back up, pregnant women be like that.

She gazed on as the upcoming lights finally approached, slowing their pace. The second set however, speed up.

When she waved towards the car, it signaled to her with a flicker of it's right headlight.

Darn good, someone is finally cuttin' me some slack.

"I'd much p-prefer thay ...err spacey truck though…just sayin..." Who was she kidding, God wasn 't gonna magically make the truck stop for her.

But you are probably wonder this little country gals reasons for preferring the truck?

Yeah, it was spacy, but...

Well she heard truckers are nice people. They are possibly the only gentlemen left in the world, surprisingly. She figured it's the time they spend alone on the roads. She liked a guy who was like a stone... both literally and figuratively...but that was a story for another time.

Now that she thought about it, her boyfriend was a rather soft guy...figuratively speaking. He had to harden up for fatherhood, last thing she'd want is to have to teach her child how to be a man, God forbid it's a boy though. A boy wouldn't be bad, but a girl would be better in her opinion.

The thought made her eased on holding up her bags. Drawing a smile across her face. Even if the truck wasn't the one stopping for her.

"...but as Grampa always done said, 'beggars can't be choosers'."

She notice the truck switch lanes, probably to go around the slowing car. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

"Wow~ Never been in one befawe...guess that's awful bad though." She gave the best disappointed smile she could force. Now was not the time for her to bitch about the options.

The truck had made it's way pass the car that was appearing closing in for a stop.

Sue gazed at the truck as it passed by.

It was strange.

In that moment…

As the truck's passing headlights shined on her…

For that moment…

Strangely enough…

She was able to see right into the truck…

From windshield to passenger window...

The man in the seat...

His eyes were probably the coldest thing she's ever seen. His pupils had absolutely no shine, no shade….just black.

The sight sent her heart to her feet and an icy touch, parallel of his cold stare, on the center of her back.

The scariest part was that, he was looking back at her.

She released a breath, not even knowing she was holding that in. A chilling feeling in the pit of her stomach. So chilling, she hoped the baby was alright.

The next thing to come into her sight was the awkward looking tanker trailer. How it looked a bit different from a regular a way to describe it; built.

She had this relief feeling, knowing that guy wasn't the one picking her up.

But at the same time, she felt sad...a bit, that someone could look so unhappy.

"O-oh. . . whel. " Her heart finally calmed down. She turned her head towards the car that had stopped a 14 feet away.

An annoyed offbeat moan slash whine left her mouth.

Why'd he gon stop so far back?

She figured the truck had scared him into stopping with his attempt at over taking.

Dammit, I'm gonna have ta walk over yonder just to get there, he doesn't have to be ayy dick. Jeezuus, Marco Polo never had it done this far.

Another moan slash whine exited her mouth as she took lazy and unstable steps, clearly showing how much she despised walking right now.

It was only a 'couple' steps. All you have to do is think 'bout y'all's future.

A smile grew back on her face as she closed her eyes, walking towards the direction of the car. She was think of all the fun things she was gonna do with her baby girl.

Who she dubbed; Angie.

Angie is a nice name for our daughtuurr. Mighty awfuly fine name at that. I impress myself constantly.

She felt giddy just thinking of the fun they were gonna have.



W-what were that there sownd?




Meh, didn't matter...right...I should just keep going.

In the Nissan

His eyes were completely focused on her. His breathing was hard.

Pregnant girl?

One good whack and that baby's gone.

His hands ravaged the remains of five-o-clock shadow, scratching the base between his neck and chin.

What a glorious night, not one, but TWO good catches.

His hand left the steering wheel, unzipping the fly of his pants.

He had already done it to a couple of them now.

He was already in deep, just these two more...and he'll take all this money and leave for Mexico. A BIGGER reign and playing pool.

"Yes just a little more."

He heard the banging in his trunk.

"Keep quite will ya?" He turned to look back, you'll have a new roommate so-


Sue's walking became upbeat, eye's still closed, "C'mon Angie~ daddy is waitin'!" She said with such happy tone, rubbing her belly. "Oh I hope they ha-"





It all happened so fast.

As if the blink of an eye

A great wind had blown beside her.

A loud sound had deafen her for a whole minute.


Her body didn't flinch.



The fear of opening her eyes engorge her.

Ears ringing like she was smack on the head.

Sue's legs were shaking as she hoped for the best-no, the least worse outcome.

"Stop standing around like a fucking idiot please!~" She felt something brushed pass her

Her eyes flung open at the rather scrawny yet somewhat bassful voice. It was like a mid pubescent male but a lil bit more gruff. Her eyes instantly stopped ringing, and she could hear a loud bassful hum of an engine, a rather LARGE engine.

Her heart skipped a beat, almost to the point of death, an instant heart attack, when she saw her reflection…

On the trailer…

That was less than 4 feet away…

If I was just a bit closer…

She's heavily underestimating who the driver of the truck is though.

Sue backed up fast, almost like a reflex, holding her mouth, prevent herself from throwing up.

It was a great battle trying to swallow in the factor of...death. She had already started hyperventilating with ridge force. It didn't help the feeling of wanting to throw up.

Her eyes searched for the source of the voice. She saw a trenched coat clad back halfway passed her.

She saw him head towards the car that was now in shambles. The site was absolutely horrible for her to see. The tanker Trailer had smashed into it, making it appeared as if it was crumple paper. She had seen fender benders, but a complete car wreak was something that blew her mind. How a vehicle with such force, with such craftsmanship, something that took so long to make, was now in this this fragile pile.

Nothing could be done as the lass watched in utter fear as the trenched coat man went around to the other side.

"SHIT" the quick yelp came from the other side. It was the trenched coat man...the one who did this...the one who owns the truck...the one who killed him.

Sue reached for her mouth. Horrid imagery filled her brain like a bucket filled with blood.




The thought rushed through her head. The sound of the trucks roaring engine was faded in the background.


This stranger just killed a man...why? Ayn' so brutally!

Someone was dead...ayn' ay just WATCHED, I stood there ayn' did nothing...just like...just like…

She wanted to scream, but who would hear her?

The trenched coat figured came back pass her. He stopped to gaze at her as she just stood there looking into space with this face that looked like she wanted to throw up.

"Hey...Home Town Sweetheart. Stop standing around like a dumb blond and get in the truck." He was clearly audible. His tone was a mixture of bored and annoyed.

This couldn't help but make Sue not only deeply saddened, but also intensely furious.


"Yes, I pulled off a stunt that could have murdered everyone within a 120 mile radius and that' s me overestimating, but hey!~ I saved your life, just might've ended it if I fucked up! But look on the bright side, I didn't" He talk as if he was talking to himself.

Sue looked on in both confusion and fear. She didn't know what the hell he was talking about, but now that she thought of it, that was a tanker trailer.

Was he referrin' ta an explosion caused by the fuel in thay tanker?


He was already down by the truck, taking out something from the side compartment. "Why thank you, love~!" It was a crowbar and some trailer straps.

He quickly rushed pass her going under the tanker to the other side.

SueEllen couldn't believe this man's lack of empathy. "YOU...YOU MURDERER!"

She heard a loud knocking sound as she saw him come from the other side, something on his shoulders. "Murderer?" It was the body of the man from the car. He tossed him on the ground. "This guy isn't dead, beautiful. " The man could still be seen breathing, but just barely. "This fucker isn't worth shit dead."

Sue felt a ton of her back.

The feller isn't dead.

Her heart….

He wasn't…

...Had gradually slowed...

Oh...Thank you God!

...As the sounds of the engine roars in the background...


"Why did he reverse rear end him?!" She reached for the man's coat collar. "PLEASE TELL ME WHY!" She pleaded. "WHY WOULD YOU HURT SOMEBODY LIKE THAT!?" She was now shaking the lad. Tears were literally forming. He couldn't believe this, honestly. "PLEASE JUST TELL ME WHY MISTER, WE GOTTA TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL! " Looking closer, she noticed something rather odd looking about his face.

He was literally offended by that heavy southerner redneck accent. Wow, it was both a sorta attractive, but at the same time the most massive turn off if he's ever heard one.

Yankee bitch?

He wanted to tell her to let him the fuck go, followed by a Falcon Punch. But unlike his younger brother with 'gender equality' , he would never hit a woman...intentionally. Reason being? Lets call it...'Trauma'.

But telling her to get the fuck off was still an option. "Ay Blondie, do you not know who this creepier is?" He backed up off from her grasp. Bending over to grab the wallowing man by his ankle, dragging him. "This guy is that Pette McPherson. Wanted for rape, ransoming, and kidnapping. Shit, I'm sure we might even got a lil murder in there."

"W-what?" She was confused His voice's pitch was lower, this threw her off quite a bit.


She didn't want to think such evil would exist."Y-you don't know that!"

Did this bitch just?

"YES HE WOULD HAVE, already done this to 15 girls so far." It wasn't just her southern and redneck mixture that was putting him off, but the fact that she was still defending him. He figured it was sorta natural, this is all happening fast for her."And like I said, those are only the girls found, he might have the rest ten feet under."

"H-he wouldn't have hurt me...y-you can't just assum-"

"What the fuck do you mean!? He's wanted!"

"W-well how do yo-you even know if you got the right guy?!"

He pointed towards the Truck. "GO check it out, I freeze framed it." He knew he was gonna have to explain himself, luckily the commercial came back on. "HURRY before a car comes by."

"T-this isn't a trap r-right, Mister?"

The scariest part, was that this stranger looked more like a murder. Doubt she knew it was a latex mask though.

"You look more suspicious than him, I mean ..."

"Oh, you'd assume the worst from me who saved your ass, but not the creepy bartender turned rapist? Sweetie you sure are something else." A chuckle left his lips, it didn't sound very enthusiastic.  "Go fucking look, I got shit to do." He released the mans leg and reached for rope. Tying him up. He pulled a drivers license from the man's pocket. "Ah~" He looked at it then tossed it to the blonde girl, she was scared to catch it but did anyway.

"Cross ref it when you get inside."

Sue looked at the picture on the license and back at the stranger tying the man up and then heading back to what was left of the car...if you could still call it that.

With D

D made his way to wreckage, digging through the remains of the driver side. He had left the blonde girl. He noticed a bag on the passenger side.

"This bitch might blow if I take to-"

He was interrupted by the rapid sound of banging...coming from the inside of some thing.

With his ears, it was easy for him to pinpoint it's origin.

"Oh shit..." He went to the rear of the car. "That there's a live one in here?"

D uses the crowbar the pry the busted trunk open.

Upon it's opening, a figure jumped out on to him with the intent of attack.

They were biting at his neck, apparently wanting to rip it out. Too bad the attempt was failing.

"If you had this much fight in you, I wonder how you got kidnapped..."

The rabidness ceased. He felt the figures teeth ease up on his neck, but their grip on him tightened.

"W-where is he?"

He felt her warm breath on his neck.

"You can't kill him..."

"W-wHeRe iS He?" Her voice was shaking, he could hear her her teeth chattering. Was it because she felt cold and damp or was she already in shock.

"Listen, I want to kill him as much as you, but what good will personal revenge get you what money can't?"

"I don't WANT the fucking money…" He was starting to feel warm liquid. Tears? But hearing about her not wanting the money? That was honestly music to his ears. Even if it was the tears in her eyes.

"I want his fucking balls CRUSHED." Her voice was stuttering and cracking under whimpers and moans.

"That...COULD be arranged." He didn't want to put his hands on her in fear of her freaking out and biting his fucking neck again. "First, get off me." Half naked wet girls biting on his neck?

...C'mon people, it's nature verses nurture. Learn the basics.

Not his fetish...for the most part.

She releases her grip from around his body. Her arms shaking, her breath short but heavy.

He honestly wondered how she got kidnapped in the first place, he rubbed the bite mark on his neck with the tip of his fingers. Reflexes like that?

This girl knew to aim for the vitals, dayum.

When her feet met the ground, D backed up a bit. He gazed upon the girl, even through the pitch black, only lights were the trailer's tail lights. The red haze highlighted the girls thin and flimsy frame. The girl was around his hunched height, with hair that was an in between gray and brown color. Shoulder length. She had on this flimsy and tattered undershirt. She also smelled horrible. Like...blood and sweat. It didn't help that her body was covered in bruises.

They just stood there, D hadn't realized that he was just standing there, making her uncomfortable. "Heh...what you wanna try next?" Her tone of voice was less than what most be would consider esthetic.

D didn't say anything, he wasn't even paying her question any mind.

"I was about to get fucking raped, you got nothing to say to me?"

Damn, she was coming on too strong. No that was not a rape joke. D snapped out of examination mode. Noticing a simple detail.


"So wait, you weren't raped yet?"

He heard a chuckle left her chappy lips

"He thought I was being to difficult so he doused me in fucking freezing water, beat me repeatedly, and then stuck me in his smelly ass trunk."

She wasn't raped, just beaten?

Why the fuck was he feeling sorry for her again? Yes, she got dropped in a trunk after getting beaten and ALMOST raped. But…


Okay...well...he just prevented it from getting worse.

"So why do you want smolder his balls into the dirt then?"

He could basically hear the girl's teeth grit and her fist clench til her hands bled. "Isn't it fucking obvious, for the women that piece of shit did rape and kill..."

So he did kill? That would add an extra to the bounty.

"Hey...if I agree to let you crush this man's gouach..." He moved his hands into his pocket. "will you agree to go with me? " She flinched a little when he moved them. He was afraid she'd pounce again...he'd have to kick her.

"From one perpetrator into an-"

She had assumed he was gonna be her next offender?

Honestly the stupidest thing he's heard today. And his pants was still on for fucks sake. "No you ratcheted bitch, I mean as a witness to his killing and (sexual) assaults and to be the one to turn him in with me."

"Oh..." She was damn near shocked, as if she's never heard of justice before " can I trust you?"

"Don't trust me, I did this for the money, I didn't even know you were in the trunk. If I did, you probably wouldn't have that sprained ankle and the swelling on your forehead."

She nearly lost her balance. How did he even figure that stuff out?

"How can I…." Tears were starting to form. " you?" Did this incident happen under the circumstance that McPherson was someone she trusted? Why would she know a bartender?

"Don't trust me, you aren't entitled and I ain't offering nor seeking." He took a couple steps back, giving her room, hands still in his pockets. "If you don't agree, then step." Gesturing with his neck and head that she could leave.

He could tell she dwindled on it, her mouth had opened but no words came out. The girl held in most of her tears. "A witness right?" He nodded. "Could...I get some of that money?"

No this bitch didn't just-

After, saying she doesn't give shit, here she is trying to hustle him, the nerve.

The nerve!

That's what I just said

"Yeah, but I can't promise you half. Cause...I could just leave you he-

"P-please, don't leave me here."

Did he just threaten to leave her? Morality where are thou!?

"Whoa, hey, I was just joking..." No he wasn't. He just didn't want to see her cry. She been through enough so leaving her ass here wouldn't be smart. Call it pity.

"Okay...I'll go."

She stared D in his eyes, almost like she was waiting for him to blink, he didn't wants her to keep staring directly, so any head movement he could do to take attention off his face, he'd do it.

"By the way…why the hell are you wearing a mask? You look really old in that thing, it's throwing me off."

Shit! How in the world did she figure that out?!

D didn't answer. Which ultimately was his mistake, because his unwillingness to speak, it only confirmed her suspicion.

"You are acting real 'suspect' right now."

What type of new age slang is that? Is that some new trend? Not saying the correct word?! He thought.

"I know it's fake, I felt it when I bit your neck, and it's not like I'll tell anyone or anything."

"I see" D reached for his face, rubbing the false cheek with his fingers. "Well I'm sorry girlie, I can't remove it because not only am I on a mission, but we are not alone."

Not alone?

She looked around, seeing the car, the truck's TANKER trailer and that's basically it. Was he speaking of the guy he caught or was he speaking in cryptic?

She was indeed quite confused, none of those reasons seemed legit. But ultimately left it at that. Would you hassle the stranger who can leave you out in this darkness alone.? And was clearly one crazy fucker, that he used a TANKER to reverse rear end a car? After a minute of just muttering to herself, she turned around to again look at the wreckage she managed to survived. She noticed the truck, or rather; the trailer, although she wasn't sure, she assumed he was the driver. "Whoa what the hell...were you trying to kill me or something?" He words were bleak and monotone, almost like she didn't care, mostly because that part was over and one with. She also didn't seem to mind it was a tanker, possibly because she assumed it was empty or filled with something else besides explosive liquid.

"How would I have known you were in the trunk?"

"The same way you found out about him, the news maybe..."

"You weren't even hinted nor mentioned."

"R-really?!" She rubbed her arm. "So does this mean my own father doesn't even know I'm gone yet..." Squeezing tight in frustration.  "That hurts..."

She stared at the wreckage. "So I'm guessing, sadly, he made it also?"

"Wasn't that obvious?"

"I thought the fucker crashed..." She backed away from it to get a better view. "But by the looks of things..."

"You're truck?" She though it best to ask now, him being the driver didn't necessarily mean it was his truck.

He however was surprised she didn't piece that together already. "Do you want the lie or do you want the truth?"

For some reason, she feared the truth, she had enough of raw reality for one night. "Lie to me please..."

"'s my truck" He wasn't lying, it did belong to him...cause he stole it. However, that lie made her feel better. About the only thin besides this crash that was on a positive note.

"I've never been in one."

D notices the front of the car engulfed in flames.


He dash to the passenger side and reached inside, grabbing the bag. He noticed a small pocket book on the dash. He hesitated in paying it mind, but ultimately took the extra reach to grab it. Rushing back to the girl that barely was able to walk straight.

He couldn't afford to waste time. "Ma'am do I have permission to touch you?"

She gave him a sour look. "I'd recommend you don't."

"Oh, is it one of those-"

She gestured him to stay back with her hands. "No, no trauma of men here. More of the fact that I smell really bad if you couldn't tell, and I'd hate to be a burden and give this smell to someone else."

Rather considerate of her, but he honestly didn't care for it. But he was a woman he didn't hate, so he could at least respect her wishes. "Oh...well hold my hand then..."

She shot him a look that basically told him he was crazy. "Who do you think you are?"

"Hey, I have more strength in my arm than that man does in his entire body, you can use my hand to help keep yourself stable" D extended his arm outwards to her. "Think of it as a handle bar."

She reached for his hand, gripping it tightly as she could. Surprisingly his one hand was sturdy enough "Good to know you don't skip arm day."

The fuck is an 'arm day'?

She tumbled along behind the lad who basically carried her. D 's head was eying the truck from the side, as they approached the man lying on the ground tied up. "So what's your name?" D asked rather forcefully in tone.

"You didn't even give me yours..." She released a huff. "'s...Monica Lee"

"Knew you looked Asian." He said it with bland voice, sounding unenthusiastic despite being the one to ask.


" 'Racist' is actually the wrong word. The word would actually be p-."


The two heard a voice coming from the truck, followed by a same blond girl scurrying down.

She looked like an over exaggerated nervous wreak. Breathing heavy, sweating greatly. Staring into space. "OH MY GAWD..." Only for her eyes to catch a glimpse of the man who warned her. "I….you" She stumbled over, Ghibli tears in her eyes, snort dripping, exaggerated sopping. She grabbed on to the man's shirt. "…you just saved our lives…!" She cried into his shirt….nasty.


He wondered why it took her so long to check it out. "You're absolutely fuck fucking fuckedy fucken right you fucken smart fucken individual!" He pushed her face off of him.

She clung on to his shirt, not wanting to let go, thus annoys D beyond belief.

"Is she a friend of yours?" The girl, Monica, to his side spoke.

"No, I unintentionally saved her ass like I did yours." He says 'unintentionally'.

It took the blonde girl a moment to realize the dark haired girl. "Oh, who's she, Mister?" Her mood changed in an instant, from sobbing to curious. "Is she your daughter?"

Daughter? Did Blondie not figure out I'm wearing a latex mask? Guess the blonde hair and Yankee accent ain't for show. She isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Okay, can still work in my favor, just gotta tell 'not-yet-raped' girl that she should keep the mask facade thing under wraps til I can drop her off at the next Gas station.

"No...she is isn't my daughter..." He stared confusingly at Monica who was beside him then back at the blond "Do I look that old?"





"Hey, if you gonna get in the fucking truck, I'd recommend you do that."

The blond had a worried look on his face. "I-is she…was this guy's ca-"

"Hey, no time for questions, I'm jeopardizing my mission to save both your asses!" He's already had enough of dilly dallying. What they don't know is that he really didn't give a shit about anything they had to say. If a car sees them, they are screwed. "So mind telling me why only one of you is willing to cooperate? Why did you even come down from the truck?" His voice was basically pleading for the embrace of death to take him away from stupid people.

She stared at the passenger entrance with uncertainty. "But-"

"Hey. I will leave your ass here." D knew he was being harsh considering he's expecting the blond girl to adapt to the situation quickly, but considering the fact Monica has, only irks him more.

"No, that's not it..." She stared back at him with a begging expression "Could you help me up...maybe?"

"Hell no, take your lazy ass up there yourself." Curved like a He helped Monica over towards the man tied on the ground, squirming.

"Why do you think it took me so long?"

"Then you better quit wasting time, love."

She felt offended and just plain annoyed at his heartlessness. Her mouth opened, but she couldn't speak any words. "Thank you for saving me!" Instead, deciding to go up it alone after all. First trying to get her bags up...all 4 of them not to mention her backpack.

"Wait...I'll help you out." Monica spoke rather softly, but it was enough for the blonde southern to hear. "N-no that' s alright, sweetie." She sighed, clearly struggling. "I'll make it." One of her bags slipped but she managed to catch it.

D merely let out an annoying groan, watching her scurry up the truck steps, trying to get her bags not to fall. He turned his attention towards Monica. "Hey anyway we can set the testicle crushing at another date in time."

Monica's head shot towards D in confusion. "O-oh! Y-yeah, I'm fine with that." Her tone and face gave off the impression that she had clearly forgotten about that.

She's fine with it?

She's fine with it?

That's what I said.

"Can you make it to the truck on your own?"

A breathy chuckle left her lips. "Jeez, it's only 5 feet away, I'll be fine." She released his hand, limping to the passenger side without a hint of hesitation.

D dragged the muffled screaming convict to the side of the truck, opening the side compartment.

Since these run along under the bed, it's more than enough space for a body.

He pulled out his case from the compartment and lifted the man over his shoulders, shoving him into the tight crevice.

"Don't bleed or soil yourself all over this place, I prefer to not have the smell... unless you want the Asian bitch to mush your balls like ripe tomatoes?" He could hear the man squirm and moan more, D even thought he could hear him sobbing. It was Beethoven's 5th playing. Sweet sweet agony.

Inside the truck

The two girls sat inside the truck quietly, they could hear the ruckus underneath. Sue, with Monica's help, managed to get her bags in.

It was annoying Monica to no end of the man's sobbing. Sue didn't seem bothered by the noise, but more bothered by Monica herself. Before Sue could open her mouth to speak.

"Jeez, the bastard should be glad he isn't dead."

Monica was the first to deflower the silence.

"D-..." Sue was stuttering. "...D-did… did he really ra-"

"No… but he definitely would have."

"H-how do you know...exactly?"

"What?" Sue could hear that she offended her. "What do you mean 'how do I know' what the hell does that mean? "

"I-I-I mean-"

"He has raped and kidnapped NUMEROUS WOMEN." Her voice was raising in volume. "It's pretty fucked up to think that."

Sue didn't say anything after that...probably because she was scared to say anything else. IT wasn't a serious scared, more of a goofy scared. Like teenage girl playing Slenderman scared. Kinda like an awkward scared. The awkward situation was that she didn't know how to react to this very foreign situation.

Sue's prayers for a hero finally arrived when the lad that literally saved her swings open the driver door then hopped inside.

"Ello ello!" He buckled himself in. "Welcome to the SSS Deez Nuts, ladies. Shut the hell up and enjoy the ride!"

D turned to make sure everybody was in the cabin. He stared at the corner of his eye at Monica. She was in the back on the floor, sitting in fetal position next to the abundance that was the blonde girl's luggage. He noticed her bruised figure and thin frame. He wondered just how long she has been in that guys captivity. HE felt his heart skip a beat, seeing as that all the girl was wearing was this worn out t-shirt.

Damn...I didn't even offer my trench coat to her. Too late now, considering they're inside already.

He could see the uncomfortable look on her face, and just by that he automatically see why. Or rather...he could smell why. He could only figured she wanted the windows open, just so she doesn't burden them with the smell.

No way I'd do that, girlie gonna freeze to death if I make that choice…

A-and I wouldn't have a witness if she died on me, who knows when last she ate or had something to drink…

He was in an awkward spot. Only thinking it best to leave the situation as is.

"Uhhh..." The thick red coated blond spoke up. "Thank you very much sir."

"Huh…? For what?" D shifted the gears and set the truck in motion.

"You did save me."

"Pffft..." He didn't waste anytime accelerating the truck. He could see the dim red glow from the flames of the wreckage he was leaving behind. "I did it for the money." Though he has repeatedly said this, you may already ask yourself this; what does a dead guy need with money?

The blond girl had this goofy smirk on her face. Almost as if she didn't believe her. "But you said you 'saved my ass'. "

Although she couldn't see it, he was rather confused. Cause if you didn't know this about the young lad, he had a he would describe it; 'Shit memory' for details he'd considered 'small stuff'.

Crap...I did say that. Did I save her? Fuck, I guess I did...shit...well one random good deed won't kill me...right?

"Oh...well...I don't require 'thank you.' " He mumbled out the side of his mouth.

For some strange reason, she felt embarrassed now. "Oh...I see, well golly." She extended her hand out to shake his. "My name is-"

"I honest don't care what your name is, I'm dropping you at the next safest truck stop. Anyways"

She stared at her hand and how he didn't even pay it any mind. Being the optimist she was, she reached out her other hand and shook…her own hand in his stead.

Monica saw the display and honestly thought it a bit cruel of the stranger. But who was she to say anything? She had her own problems and life to rethink.

The blonde girl didn't like his idea, being dropped off, she wish she could get a little bit closer to her goal, but what could she do? "My name is, SueEllen Elizabeth Tucker." She thought it best to continue with her introduction, even if he didn't wanna hear it. She figured he was just being embarrassed because she revealed he saved her.

Here's a hint; ...he wasn't.

"I was born in a little town known as-"

The lad's grip on the steering wheel tighten, til you could hear the rubber on it moan. "Jeez Blondie" He continued to eye the mirror, the sound of the captive man crying being heard in the back. "I didn't ask for the your life story."

The blond girl stared at him with a blank expression.




"You can't stop me."

The fuck? She said it with such an ominous tone. Like she was basically telling him his efforts were useless.

"The fuck?" And you know what? For some strange reason, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop her from running her mouth anyways, even if he kicked her out while going 80 on a 70. "At least shorten it a little? Damn."

"Mmm'kay then..." She clapped her hands together. "Fun, filled with butterflies and stallion horses..." Sue made these wannabe stereotypical karatehand gestures

Stallion horses?

"Georgia born and raised!"

Georgia? That explains the hillbilly voice. Wait, why is she in Florida?

Monica spoke up from her quietness in the back. "What business you got in Florida? Got some family here or something?"




"What?" SueEllen stared back at the Asian teen. "Florida?" He gaze then shift to D, who only shook his head.




"WWAAAAHHHHH! I'M HEADED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!?" Her plan was falling apart so easily. The world was all of a sudden upside down, she thought she was bleeding from her eyeballs.

You see... Ms. Tucker is what we like to referred to as; over dramatic and really means it. IE; emotional for the love of God.

"Jeez." Monica strangely felt somewhat strange, like the previous troubles wee some how lightened by this current one woman entertainment in front of her. Was she sick in the head for enjoying Sue's suffering? That's subjective. "How the heck could you make a fuck up like that?" A chuckle left the former victim's lips

Sue however was pulling her hair. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Hoping out her seat and what not.

She was annoying the driver however. He honestly was regretting taking her along. Not saving her...cause that's fucked up, but taking her along.

I should have just taken the angsty Asian and leave the Valley girl redneck!

In an instant, Sue had stopped her wailing… setting back on the passenger chair. Without a word. It frightened the other two who thought she broke or something.

Sudden, she turned her head towards D. "M-mister, please tell me that you aren't headed somewhere down here!"

He didn't want to tell her he was headed to LA. But what are the odds the hillbilly is headed where he's headed. The odds are like one in a mi-

"Cus I've been trying to get to Los Angeles, California ." She twiddled her thumbs, as if she was asking pretty please. "You know; with the fancy cars and plastic surgery?"

Fucking dammit! Fuckity fuck cocksucking pee pee city bitching!

That was a very good description of LA.

Anyways…Looks like he fell into that, almost like it was fat-


Whatever you say.

"Well... it'd make no sense, Florida isn't connected anywhere going south..." Thankfully, D was good with keeping a straight face through these kinda things...not like they could see his real face though. "So what does logic tell you?"




Sue sat there staring at him. D could hear the muffled giggling of a certain rape survivor, if you can even call her that.




D honestly didn't think a girl that was not only blonde, but of redneck status was this...stupid. "Yes I'm headed to Califor-" He quickly shut his damn mouth, blurting out such info like that. He should have kept her waiting for his reply til she started crying, or at least told her he was headed to Milwaukee or something. The lot was planning to kill himself, in style MIND the slight 1.7% chance this plan fails, he just saved these two for nothing.

"Oh yay~!" Sue felt a renowned hope lift her spirits. "So you can take me th-"

"NO." D blurted. "I am dropping you off at the next stop Ms. Tucker." She could hear the assertiveness in his voice. "I am not playing with your ass, I will, no free rides on this bitch."

Sue's arms were crossed. He didn't have to be rude, honestly. "Well what about her?"She referred to Monica sitting in the back

"She ain't even headed to LA!"

Monica spoke up. "Yeah, I just need to testify that the sicko under us goes to a nice cold cell."

Following behind, D's tone was as malevolent as it could be. "Where he will get what he gave all those girls a thousand times over."

Monica gave a rather maniacal chuckle, like she longed for her offender to suffer.

Sue however didn't like hearing about suffering of any kind. She also didn't like the driver's resolve for dropping her at the next truck stop.

A massive sigh was forced from D lungs. Wiping his false face. He then took notice of the pouting unhappy lady in the passenger. She kept her arms crossed, staring straight, not even wanting to look at him. Which was good, because if she found out the face was fake...he didn't even know would just be bad...he guessed.

How did he honestly feel about her attitude?

A suck of his teeth was all he could give, not even a single fuck.

"Hey...Mister… " Sue mustered a grumble. "...mind if I take off the jacket?" Her tone was filled with lip and attitude. It made him want to tell her to leave it on and burn up. Honestly, he was considering Monica, if Sue was showing signs of getting hot, it would make Monica speak out about opening the windows. Thus leaving her to freeze.

I mean, this girl wasn't even on the bed for fucks sake. She just sat on the floor. Which wasn't rugged enough to keep her warm. Neither was the bags next to her.

"It's getting kinda heavy to wear..."

Why was she even wearing it?

But that didn't matter now, she gave a reason besides being cold. So he guessed it was alright.

"Whatever Blondie." It was getting kinda hard keeping his voice scruffy.

"Hmph!" Sue reached for the straps of her coat. Her index finger slipped inside the top. "That's NOT my name." She was basically muttering to herself. All it was that they could hear her.

"Isn't that right Angie?~" Her voice went mushy, like she was talking to a cute animal,of some sorts. "It's SueEllen Elizabeth Tucker." He finger, while inside, slid down the sealed opening of her bright red coat, unsealing it slowly. "But that's okay, Mister. You don't have to be nice, I'll be nice~." Her fingers finally reached the bottom part of her coat.

Wait who's Angie? Was that this rednecks girl's name? Foolish D, forgot her name even though the sentence with the word 'Angie' in it was followed by the redneck girl's name.

"I see no reason for you to be rude though, we are all people on God's beautiful earth and etc etc, blah blah the whole nine miles. And what not." She reached for the two edges of her coat. Pealing it off slowly "No need to be a pessimistic DICK." It was strange how her words weren't directed towards him exactly, but they were very much about him. Almost as if she was voicing inner thoughts. Thoughts that would get her kicked out while going 80 on a now 60 highway.

'Pessimistic'? Big words for an inbreed honky bitch. D was just being ass hurt about the truth.

"But that's okay, you've had a bad day, I've had a bad day and the girl in the back has had an extremely bad idea, even the man that you got up under the truck is having a bad idea."

Her monolouging was about as scary as an ex-girlfriend talking to your new girlfriend. And that shit was always a disaster.

"But it WILL get better. Grandpa told me to hold my 'chin up' on this journey. He supporting me back home. I will not let him down." She dropped her coat beside her.

D kept his eyes straight. What caught him was the sound of Monica gasping.


" can't even..."

What was she going on about now?

He turned his head slowly, he wondered about the sources of Monica's shock.

His eyes widen. Sweat traveled down his real face, and it wasn't even hot.

It wasn't the tacky old church lady dress she wore under her bright red coat…

It wasn't the thick crucifix that hung around her neck…

It wasn't even the ugly cropped coat she had over the tacky old church lady dress.

"W-what?" Sue notice the stares from the others in the truck. Her cheeks hinted red in embarrassment. "Listen...I know what you're thinking..."




"The coat would look better in in blue than dark green, right?" She tugged on the collar of the cropped coat. "It wouldn't look so ugly, right?"

She gave a goofy smile. "Green is such a nice color, but it isn't for every-"

"You're..." Monica held her mouth in disbelief. It was a shock of; 'wow didn't see that coming'. So her tone was more excited and smartassy...yes I just invented the word.

"...PREGNANT?" D's tone was of pure disbelief and anger at himself for not taking this into calculation. It was something that jeopardized his mission purely because he didn't know how to handle it! Not only that, another reason he couldn't kick her out while going 85 on a 70 MPH highway.

"Huh?" She stared at them confused. Head shifting from D to Monica. Then to her belly in which her newborn dwelt. "Oh...well y-yeah, of course, who do you think I was calling 'Angie'?"




He sat there at the wheel, fingers visibly shaking. His breathing was loud, only being hidden by the sounds of the truck.

Now there was no doubt, only reassurance. Not a hard thing to decide. He was 100% himself.

He was gonna drop her off WHENEVER he got the chance. He will abandon her in any place he deems safe enough.

"This is what I get for helping people..."


Dear Boy: We're On The Road Again by wakaflockaflame1

Dear Boy Chapter:7

Not as long as Chapter 1, but for some reason , took me twice as long. Sorry no image for this one guys, no time.

Enjoy my crappy story~Anyways R&R.~ Feedback wakawelcome



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